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About us

HeadStart Montessori is a quality Montessori school that serves children 2 years to 6 years and is conveniently located at the intersection of Jones Bridge Road and Abbotts Bridge Road near Ocee Library. Our goal at HeadStart Montessori is to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment that helps reveal the true potential of every child. We focus on the intellectual, emotional and social needs of every child respecting each one’s individual personality.


Owner and Director

Aparna Murthy

I embarked on my Montessori journey alongside my own children and students, inspired by the pedagogy’s emphasis on self-directing learning and hands- on educational experiences. My mission is to create an inclusive environment where children feel confident to explore, make mistakes and grow. 

Headstart Montessori was founded with the goal of providing a tailored, nurturing education for each child. Our success lies in understanding that every child learns differently and designing instruction accordingly. We strive to be a haven for families seeking supportive academic and social environment. 

My experience as both a parent and educator has shown the importance of fostering a love of learning in children. At Headstart Montessori, we believe in creating a safe space where young minds can flourish through exploration. 

The Founder

Namrata (Nimmi) Thadani

Ever since I started my career, I have always loved working with children. I started my teaching journey when I worked with children who had special needs and learning differences at Dilkhush Special School in Mumbai, India for a few years. After moving to the US in 2011, I continued to work in the education field before I received my diploma as a Special Educator and an Early Childhood Montessori certificate from Atlanta Montessori Teacher Education. I've worked in education for over 12 years before I started my own school: HeadStart Montessori in Johns Creek with just five children.


My vision was to provide a small community that was warm, and nurturing where children would come to learn the beautiful Montessori way and grow up to have an endless curiosity and confidence in their lives. It’s been a satisfying journey watching our small community grow from five children to forty children touching countless lives and meeting wonderful parents and selfless teachers on the way.

My heart will always be with HeadStart and the Montessori philosophy.



Ms. Sujatha Narsimhan
Lead Toddler Teacher

Sujatha's approach towards early childhood education is marked by utmost devotion, empathy, and warmth as she instills vital life skills necessary for future success.

Ms. Divya Rajasekaran
Assistant Toddler Teacher

​​With open arms, Divya welcomes all students and offers kind words of comfort. Her dedication creates an inclusive atmosphere that encourages growth and success for both individuals and the institution as a whole. 

Ms. Shweta Bhachawat

Assistant Primary Teacher​

Schweta is deeply enthusiastic about instructing young minds and has an excess of forbearance and affection for her students. Her zeal for producing exquisite handicrafts is equally evident as the children avidly await her creations. 

Ms. Nadia Ali
Assistant Primary Teacher

Nadia possesses a wealth of patience and affection for the children, consistently displaying a willingness to listen and engage with them.


Ms. Saritha Boggarapu
After - Care Teacher

With a background in Commerce, Ms. Saritha has found her true calling in working with children. She has developed a passion for helping students of various ages learn through individualized instruction in after-school settings. 


Ms. Martha Sanchez
Spanish Teacher

Ms. Martha is originally from Bogotá - Colombia, and has over 20 years of experience Teaching Spanish. Martha believes that songs, music, storytelling and play are powerful tools for engaging for a new language learning.

Ms. Sophia Johnson
Media and Marketing

Sophia works as our specialist in all things media and marketing, including but not limited to: Photography, Website and Social Media Management.

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