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All things Fall!!

In the month of October, we read lots of books and discussed community helpers like doctors, construction workers, nurses, mechanics, vets and many more! The children were able to learn lots of new vocabulary words and we’re able to look at the pictures in different books.

Our children at HeadStart Montessori LOVE sensory bins and in the month of October, we had two sensory bins which they enjoyed! For one of the bins, we had a community helpers theme and the other with a fall and Halloween theme! Community helpers sensory bin had a school bus, fire truck, ambulance, garbage truck, with some trash. The children enjoyed putting the (pretend) garbage in the small garbage bins and definitely enjoyed looking, sensing and feeling all the trucks. The Halloween sensory bin had lots of different objects like acorns, leaves, black beans, spiders etc., the children had so much fun with it.

The highlight of the month was our FALL FESTIVAL! Thank you to all our beautiful kids and supportive parents for joining us and making it successful! We are glad that the Johns Creek fire truck made it on time and kids were able to watch and listen to some safety tips.

On Halloween day, all the children looked fabulous! They were so happy to dress up in their costumes. It was such a pleasure to see our little community helpers having a fun day at school. They played games, made Halloween crafts and enjoyed the last day of October! For snacks, the children made spiders. They made the body of the spider with Oreo cookies then they made legs with pretzels and for eyes they put edible eyes. They enjoyed making it and definitely enjoyed eating their spiders!

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