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Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

September was all about bugs, bugs and more bugs!

We learned the names of different bugs, how many legs some of them have as well as read a lot of fun books including "The very hungry caterpillar" and "The very busy spider".

We made a caterpillar snack with sliced grapes for the body, a strawberry for the head, raisins for eyes and string cheese for the legs. The children enjoyed gobbling down that caterpillar!!

For our crafts we made a lady bug with a paper plate, fireflies with shiny clothespin and a bee hat. All the children wore the bee hat and sang a song on bugs, I have shared the recording below.

The children also did a lot of worksheets with bug, patterning, bug coloring and bug differentiation.

The children learned about the life cycle of a ladybug through pictures, they stuck the picture of the eggs, followed by the larvae, pupa and then the lady bug.

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