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Mooo! I am learning about farm animals!

For our farm animal theme, the children learned about the different farm animals and what each one does on the farm. The younger ones did worksheets in which they cut pictures of different animals, sorted them into farm and zoo animals and glued them in the right place. They also sorted animals with 4 legs and 2 legs in a similar manner.

The older children learned the parts of a cow, what each farm animal gives us such as a cow gives milk, sheep gives wool etc. All the children also learned about farm animals and their young one such as cow-calf, dog- puppy, horse-foal, duck-duckling, pig-piglet and goat-kid.... we had a good laugh over the goat's baby being called a kid and they as children are also called kids.

We read different books on farms such as "The little duck" and 'The little red hen' as well as books that told them more about farm activities. When we read the book about the little duck and how he could not float, we did the experiment sink and float and saw how some objects sink and some float.

We also had a fun activity, where I kept a large cow cut out and stuck a clear glove behind as the cow's udder. I poured some milk into the glove and then asked the children to squeeze the glove/udder to see the milk come out. The children loved milking the cow!!

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