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Penguins, penguins everywhere!

We had so much fun this month learning all bout the most fascinating birds called penguins!  The children absolutely loved this unit and were always happy to learn new facts and songs about the penguins.

The children learned that penguins are warm blooded birds that cannot fly but can swim very fast. They also learned that when the penguin mother lays an egg she slowly rolls the egg with her feet towards the father penguin, who then keeps it warm between his feet and then he stays there standing for almost two months. The mother goes to look for food and when she comes back, her egg hatches and she is able to feed her chick.  We enacted these above facts  with two children holding the egg between their feet and this visualization really helped them understand how the mother and father penguin take care of their chicks.

The children also learned about all the parts of a penguin and almost all of them made a small book where they colored each part of the penguin.

We also made a sensory bin in which we put some fake snow and penguin figures to depict the penguins habitat, the children each got a turn to play with the penguins and have a good sensory experience of snow.

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