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Polar Bears!!

It’s unbelievable how fast January went by! Well.. we had an amazing start to the year. The children were focused. they learned and were happy to be back!

January Theme: Polar bear and Arctic animals

The children learned the anatomy of a polar bear ( namely neck, eyes, head, claws, paws, snout, tail etc. ) The children also learned that underneath all the white fur, the bears have black skin then they have one layer of fur that keeps them warm and on that another layer called the guard fur which prevents the cold water from touching their skin.

The children also learned the names of different arctic animals while identifying their pictures everyday at circle time.

Here are some of the names they learned - snowy owl, arctic fox, arctic wolf, penguin, moose, beluga whale, polar bear, caribou and arctic hare.

Music: Polar bear song

Sensory bin:

Sensory bins are a tactile way of learning which provides the children an opportunity to learn through their senses; hands, eyes, ears.

We had three sensory bins in the month of January.

One with an igloo, rice, pom-poms representing snow, polar bear jar and some arctic animals.

The other sensory bin included shells, stones and arctic animals. The third sensory bin had snow, an igloo, water and arctic animals. The children at HeadStart Montessori are always excited and they enjoy playing with sensory bins.

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