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The children learned the name of the four seasons and some of the different things they see during these seasons. The children did a lot of worksheets based on this theme and we spoke a lot about it during our circle time.

The children were very excited to learn the song about the four seasons so we are sharing the link to the song here

The children made a very innovative craft this time...they each decorated four trees. Each tree signified a season....for winter they used a sponge dipped in white paint and decorated the tree with snow, for spring they glued budding pink flowers, for summer they glued green tissue paper to represent green leaves and for fall they glued pieces of orange, red and yellow paper to signify fall leaves. They then glued these trees together to show all the seasons...the trees look beautiful!!

For our edible snack, we made trees from brown wheat bread with butter and some melted chocolate spread on them to keep the bread moist, we used pieces of cheese for winter, pink colored pieces of cheese for spring, green cucumbers for summer and pieces of oranges for fall. The children placed all these food items at the top of the tree to make a tree with all the seasons on it...….they loved it and it was delicious.

For sensory bins, we made four different bins with items in each bin signifying every season. In the winter bin there was white tapioca balls with some shiny white pom poms, in the spring bin there was some pink rice with butterflies, pink flowers and buds etc., in the summer bin there were green lentils with a beach ball, flip flops etc. in it and in the fall bin there was orange colored rice with some pumpkins and acorns in it.

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