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Turkeys and Pumpkins!

Our month of November was full of turkeys, pumpkins and lots of things to be thankful for!!

The children did a lot of crafts for Thanksgiving such as making "The I am Thankful Placemat", parts of the pumpkin etc.

Ms. Nadia and Ms. Shweta cut a pumpkin at circle time to show them all the parts of the pumpkin - skin, leaf, vine, pulp, brain and seeds which they absolutely loved. The children scooped all the seeds out of the pumpkin, washed them and counted them. They then made a craft where they put together all the parts of a pumpkin and labeled it.

We did a lot of worksheets where they counted turkey feathers, compared large, medium and small, cut and matched shapes on turkey feathers etc. Some of the older children even learned the parts of a turkey and did a worksheet where thy cut and labeled the parts.

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