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  1. We accept children in our programs all round the year due to the individualized nature of the Montessori method.

  2. You can call us at 678-663-3717 or email us at to schedule a tour.

  3. When you come in for the tour, you will be shown around the school, classroom and given all the necessary information regarding the curriculum and the Montessori difference.

  4. If you would like to move ahead with the admission process, we will give you the enrollment form and list all necessary requirements for starting school.

  5. Once the child has started school, the first three weeks are considered to be a trial period.

  6. The teacher and administration along with the parents determine whether or not our school will be a good fit for the child. This is based on several factors such as the child’s emotional and academic readiness for the Montessori environment and the family’s support for the methods and philosophy used by the school.

  7. If all goes well, we will be very happy to welcome you and your family as a part of our small, close knit community!

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