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1, 2, 3 Blast Off!

Our theme for March was our solar system and all the planets in it!

The children learnt the names of the planets and also the order of the planets from the sun. The children did a lot of worksheets where they cut and glued the pictures of the planets in the correct order from the sun. The older children also wrote the names of the planets and did word search worksheets.

We did a lot of exciting crafts that were space and planet themed. Each of the children got to paint a thermocol ball which was their planet. After it dried, the teachers cut each of the planets in half and then the children placed a CD in between the pieces and joined them together with two toothpicks. It was a lot of fun and they did such a good job with it!

They also made a solar system wreath in which they painted the outer edge of a paper plate black and stuck different planets, stars and the sun on it, they were able to do this independently. Please encourage your child to do different art activities at home too, it is great for eye hand coordination as well as fine motor skills.

For our food craft, we made a rocket and had it blast off into our tummies:) The children put pieces of strawberries and bananas on a stick and used a cheese cut out for the end of the rocket. We did a countdown from 10 to 1 and then said BLAST OFF before the children ate their rockets.

At circle time, we read and saw beautiful picture books of planets and the solar system. We also enacted the order of the planets from the sun, by pretending that one child is the sun and eight other children are the planets. The other children had to identify the names of the planets from the sun.

We sang a song that spoke about how the earth turns everyday, then how the moon goes round the earth and finally how the earth goes round the sun while spinning on its own. We had children enact this as well and it was beautiful to watch them do it.

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